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Product Name:

Conference room LED

Ultra-thin, lightweight and exquisite craftsmanship
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Product parameters
Product Number HDCTV
Pixel pitch (mm) 1 1.667 2 2.5 3
Overall size (mm) W3200×H1800×D35 W3200×H1800×D35 W3840×H2160×D35 W3200×H1800×D35 W3840×H2160×D35
Machine size (Inches) 144 144 173 144 173
Box weight (kg) 180 180 200 180 200
Resolution 3840×2160 1920×1080 1920×1080 1280×720 1280×720
Recommended scene area 120squares 80squares 120squares 80squares 120squares
Recommended number of participants 100 80 100 80 100
Brightness(cd) 210-600(adjustable)
Color temperature(K) 2000—9500(adjustable)
Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical) 160/160
Power consumption(KW) 2.5
Frame change frequency(Hz) 50/60
Refresh rate(Hz) 3840Hz
Brightness adjustment Intelligent program control / manual program control
Bright color correction single point full color gamut correction
Other parameters Double redundant backup, temperature and humidity detection, external signal, etc.
Working temperature -10-45℃
Working humidity 10-85%RH
Maintenance mode Module, power supply, system card all front maintenance
Features: 1. Complete front maintenance, wall mounting, thickness only 38mm
          2, one button to boot, one button to cast screen
          3, software and hardware integration, built-in Android operating system, intelligent and convenient
          4, integrated design, conference display high-end weapon
          5, 6000:1 high contrast, high refresh, high gray level, high definition display, ultra high performance to meet the needs of various application areas;
The parameters vary slightly depending on the configuration.
Remarks: For reference only, welcome to inquire, the final interpretation right belongs to Shanghai Hongguang Display Technology Co., Ltd.


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