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Engineering Sales:2

Treatment: basic salary + commission
Job Responsibilities 
1、Responsible for product sales tasks in the area under its jurisdiction; 
2、Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area, and complete sales indicators; 
3、Develop new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales;
4、Maintain and enhance existing customer relationships;
5、Complete some technical support work and conduct technical exchanges with customers; 
6、Responsible for collecting market and industry information and deepening understanding.
1、College degree or above, major in engineering, age 22-35 years old;
2、More than 2 years sales experience, LED display, lighting industry experience is preferred; 
3、Familiar with the product market in this industry, have experience in sales of corresponding products, and understand mainstream industry technologies; 
4、Strong customer communication skills and high business processing skills, with a good team spirit; 
5、Strong learning ability and challenging spirit.

Project Assistant: 2

Treatment: Negotiable
Job Responsibilities 
1. Participate in the formulation of the overall project planning and construction design, responsible for a series of management coordination work such as project schedule, quality, safety and civilization.
2. Follow up the construction progress of the entire project and implement the work arrangement.
3. Strict quality management to ensure that the construction quality meets the required standards or contract requirements.
4. Reasonable organization, scheduling relevant elements, implementing the duties of organization, planning, command, coordination, control, and encouragement in daily work, ensuring the quality of engineering, safety and civilization, and the goals of construction and efficiency can be realized.
5. Coordinate and solve the relationship better than Party A or related stakeholders to ensure the normal operation of the project
6. Responsible for construction site management and supervision of rational use of materials. Machinery and labor, control the construction costs of various projects
7. According to the progress of the project, “quick, slow, first, and later”, the material declaration form is formulated, and the advance ordering of related materials does not affect the continuity of construction.
8. Coordinate and organize the completion and acceptance work of each stage of the project.
9. Solve all kinds of risks or conflicts that may occur during the construction process, and coordinate the settlement of construction differences.
10. Organize the construction according to the drawings and contract requirements to ensure the completion of delivery on time.
11. Party A's satisfaction survey
1, male, college level or above, 22-35 years old;
2, have good communication, quick thinking, have a certain degree of understanding of the installation and debugging of the display screen, good at finding problems and solving problems;
3. Put the company's interests first and love your work;
4, have a good copywriting skills, skilled use of office software.


Personnel Specialist: 1

Treatment: Negotiable
Job Responsibilities 
1. Formulate and improve the relevant rules and regulations and work processes for human resources management;
2. Publish recruitment information and screen candidates' information;
3. Supervise employee attendance, review and handling of leave procedures;
4. Organize and arrange interviews for candidates;
5. Handling the procedures for employee entry and rectification, transfer, resignation, etc.;
6. Organize and implement employee cultural and recreational activities;
7. Manage the personnel files of the company;
8. Implement employee training activities;
9. Handling labor disputes;
10. Other things handled by the company.
1, female, college level or above, 20-35 years old;
2. Have good communication skills and interpersonal skills;
3, Skilled in using office software, with copywriting skills, can actively and actively complete tasks.
1, do five rest two
2, five insurance and one gold
3. Paid annual leave
4, holiday welfare
5, employee travel
6, providing a shuttle
7. Double pay at the end of the year
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Contact: Miss Fang
Contact Number:021-60822169