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Add:No. 5825, Huyi Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai


Shanghai Hongguang Display Technology Co., Ltd.  沪ICP备17034783号-1

Promote The Beauty Of China And Illuminate The World

2004/09/15 14:45
Shanghai Hongguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
2009/09/10 14:45
Putuo District automation LED display production line
2010/09/08 14:45
"HDC" trademark officially through the General Administration of Industry and Commerce certification; through the national 3C certification ISO90001, ISO 14001, ISO18001 system certification
2011/09/16 14:44
Group member of Shanghai Electronics Industry Association; China's small and medium-sized enterprise growth benchmark enterprise; Shanghai small enterprise safety production credit evaluation grade A
2013/09/26 14:41
Formally established "Shanghai Hongguang Display Technology Co., Ltd." China Optoelectronics Industry Association Branch Member Unit; China Photonics Association Optoelectronic Devices Branch Member "
2014/09/17 14:41

Product entry

Products into real estate, Baolong, hop king, Greenland, Vanke and other cooperative projects.
2015/09/18 14:40
Products serve real estate, universities, CBD business circle, access to high-speed rail, rail transit media providers.
2016/09/22 14:39
Obtain the certificate of high-tech enterprise and upgrade to the executive director unit of Optoelectronics Association.
2017/09/14 14:39
Product diversified design and development; 5-star integrity to create enterprises, won the State Intellectual Property Office invention patent certificate "a multi-functional lamp body and LED light"
2018/08/27 14:49
Industrial clusters, marketing industry chain; Original utility model product patent research and development; Running, we are always on the road